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Back and Neck Pain

Back Pain

Back and Neck Pain

Four out of five people will suffer from spinal pain at some stage in their lives, with some experiencing recurrent or chronic symptoms, affecting the neck, thorax and lower back region.


The causes of spinal pain are many and varied.

These often involve trauma, poor posture, weak core stability or repetitive strain.

Whiplash, headaches, spondylosis, “sciatica” and disc degeneration are some of the common conditions.


There is a wealth of scientific evidence advocating the effectiveness of Physiotherapy intervention in the management of acutely and chronic spinal pain.


The Aims of treatment are to relieve pain, improve spinal alignment, restore normal movement, maximise postural and strength and return the patient to full function in their daily living. This will include prevention of further problems through self management.


Your physiotherapist will thoroughly evaluate your problem, formulate a diagnosis and tailor a treatment program specific to your personal needs.

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